care for community

Supporting food education helps further our goal to serve our communities and help to build a thriving and healthy local food system.Read more
Thanks for helping us build stronger local economies, stronger communities and a healthier environment.Read more
Co-op grant will help neighborhoods transform vacant city lots and spur economic activity around local food production.Read more
The co-op, which runs their local farmers market, ensures expanded access to healthy food for those on food assistance.Read more
Moscow Food Co-op is proud of its strong community roots. Dig into what makes this food co-op unique.Read more
For each full-sized grocery bag shoppers bring and use for groceries, the co-op gives 5¢ credit to a community org.Read more
As part of their goal to serve as a hub for the local community, Chatham Marketplace provides art space for local artists.Read more
One way City Market, Onion River Co-op shows their “concern for community” is through their Member Worker program.Read more
Gandhi said, ‘When they copy your revolution, it’s time to start the next one.’ That’s the have always had.Read more
Ypsilanti Food Co-op’s local honey project spreads the word about Concern for Community in the sweetest possible way!Read more