Fresh asparagus season is in full swing at your local food co-op! Check out our delectable asparagus recipes to whet your appetite and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Charred asparagus on a platter with tarragon aioli
Dress up simply broiled asparagus with a luscious lemony, tarragon aioli.Read more
When you want an elegant appetizer that will inspire raves, this delightful spread delivers.Read more
An elegant and tasty take on a chicken dinner combines asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and cheeses for a delicious flavor.Read more
A Japanese favorite gets a beery twist. The bubbly beer gives the fried batter a lacy, shatteringly crisp texture.Read more
You may never look at cauliflower in quite the same way again; try this brightly flavored cauliflower "couscous!"Read more
Lemon, parsley, mint and garlic join asparagus in a celebration of fresh spring flavors.Read more
This antipasto platter is a great way to celebrate a taste of spring as well as good company!Read more
Simple and beautiful, this antipasto is perfect as an appetizer or as a side to your grilled entree.Read more
Asparagus has undeniable culinary allure, but its growth is also fascinating—a spear can grow up to 10" in one day!Read more
For asparagus aficionados, the weeks when local asparagus comes in season are an asparagus festival of sorts. Learn more about what makes asparagus so special...Read more